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If you'd like to help fund the project, our Crowdfunder is live over at

We are offering rewards in return for your support. This support will help to do justice to the incredible stories that the creek has to tell, as well as enabling us to create a space to offer stories from the creek's past, present and future. For details on each reward, click here.

Below is a list of all the foreseeable costs involved with creating this film. Please feel free to contact us via the below form if you have any questions.


We have gathered lots of stories and footage so far, yet we have much more to collect. An investment of resources in this area is necessary to get the raw material needed to make a compelling story. This may be through interviews, 'B-Roll' footage, graphical and archival elements.

Post Production

When all of the above is collected, it gets taken to the edit. It is here that the pieces are placed together into a compelling story. There are multiple strands to Post Production such as editing, colour correction, rendering, proofing, re-editing, sound design, scoring and releasing!

Score/ Sound Design

Interweaving a good soundscape with the story is essential in creating a narrative that evokes emotion in the viewer. Once we have decided on a strong piece and well placed sound, we have to make sure it is licensed for distribution.

Marketing/ Advertising

A good story alone is not enough if there's no one out there to hear it. Of course our backers will be given regular updates and exclusive access to the film, however to get this story to more people it needs to be advertised. This will be done mostly online and through other traditional means.

Web Hosting & Domain

An essential in the modern world. We have secured our domain and web hosting, as I'm sure you can tell if you're reading this on our site. The site will be updated as the film process progresses and the domain will be renewed as the collections of stories develops.

Festival Submission

We hope to officially release this film onto the Documentary Festival circuit. Fees are asked for submission to certain events. Where travel is necessary for us to attend, we will pay for this with our own money.


We have the vast majority of what we need already. The only foreseeable cost for hardware is 10 TB of additional storage space for all of the footage and content that we gather.


With some of our rewards comes a cost, such as printing, shipping and fulfilment. For events and promotional materials, we will be printing cards, flyers and posters. We will create a feel for the piece that will draw people in, and give a sense of place, of the river and of the sea.

We endeavour to create our rewards via carbon positive and sustainable means. All rewards will be of high quality and traceable to their origin.